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At the Jungle Crows Foundation we have a very clear understanding of how important education is to every young person as they grow up. Whether it is in being able to complete school to Class 10 or 12 standard or go on to achieve a College Degree we want every child to reach to their potential.

We also have first-hand experience of how poor social education can impact on communities. With our Khelo Rugby programme we have decided to tackle some of these issues. Khelo Rugby already runs programmes which are focussed on hygiene, road safety and the menace of mosquitoes which have been developed from the real life experiences of our Coaches and the children they coach. Our aim is to continuously develop social programmes that can be delivered through sport that will benefit everyone.


We manage and raise funding for a number of scholarships each year which enable students who would not otherwise be able to continue in studies to do so. These include degree level and secondary level.


We have a number of internships whereby a student can work for us in a flexible way, be paid and continue with education. We find this a good way of running some of our programmes and it is generally very beneficial to the student.

Vocational Training

We have relationships with a number of vocational training companies that allow us to send young people on a variety of programmes. Many of these lead directly to employment. Employers recognise and value the experience a young person has gained playing and training in competitive organised sport.

latest news
Final day of the Jungle Crows Winter Camp in Kolkata, 10 mornings with more than 200 children each morning.
Winter Camp Tournament played out on Maidan.
Jan Intensive coaching week starts in Dumka with 8 schools signed up to Khelo Rugby.
Khelo Rugby launches in Dumka, Jharkhand with 8 schools playing .
Khelo Rugby India and Pakistan recognised for participation in Global Peace Games.

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