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All India Championships

The All-India and South Asia tournament takes place in September each year. The venue for the tournament alternates between the Bombay Gymkhana Club and the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club. As hosts the Gym and CCFC are guaranteed automatic entry each year. Each year three teams are relegated and qualification is via India's Division 2 competition the Callaghan Cup. The Callaghan Cup has no fixed venue or date in the rugby calendar!

Two other teams from outside India are normally invited. In 2005 the winners were an invitational team from the UK's British Asian Rugby Association (BARA) - they stormed through to the final and are unlikely to be invited back in a hurry! Since then the tournament has been dominated by the Indian Army team who have won and retained the trophy in 2007 and 2008.

Rugby was introduced to the Army in 2005 and they have subsequently gone on to dominate national tournaments in India. Few teams are able to match their size and fitness, as they are virtually a professional team - playing and training full time. The main challengers are the Chennai Cheetahs, finalists in 2007 and 2008.

The 2009 All-India will be played in Mumbai in the Bombay Gymkhana and although the Bombay Gym team finished in the relegation places in 2008 they stayed up as a 'patron club' with the Jungle Crows relegated in their place!

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