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The early playing days of the Jungle Crows were notable for losing often, but that taught us that hard work and determination were critical to the success of any enterprise. Later we enjoyed some success on the rugby fields and this is still very much a part of what we do. We’ve won the Calcutta Cup three times, the Centenary Cup four times, finished third in the All India Rugby and competed at nearly every national rugby tournament in India for Men, Women and Youth since 2004.

  • Aug 2016
    All India International Rugby 7's Georgiadi Cup
    Winners- Saraswatipur Leopards (Women)
    Winners- Jungle Crows (Men's)
  • Jul 2016
    Calcutta Cup Rugby 15's
    Runner-Up- Jungle Crows
  • May 2016
    All India U-18's Rugby 7's, Chennai
    Saraswatipur Leopards (Girls)- 2nd Place
    Jungle Crows- 5th Place
    Saraswatipur Leopards (Boys)- 6th Place
  • Mar 2016
    Jungle Crows featured on BBC News Sportshour on 30th March
  • Feb 2016
    India Rugby 7's National team
    Sarfaraz Ahmed
    Akash Balmiki
  • Jan 2016
    West Bengal State 7's Tournament
    Jungle Crows (Men)- Winners
    Saraswatipur Leopards (Women)- Winners
    Jungle Crows (Women)- Runner-Up
  • Oct 2015
    All India and South Asia National Tournament
    Jungle Crows- Plate Winners
  • Sep 2015
    All India Junior Nationals (Boys)
    Winners- West Bengal (7 players from Jungle Crows)
  • Sep 2015
    All India Junior Nationals (Girls)
    Winners- West Bengal (all players from Saraswatipur Leopards)
  • Aug 2015
    Winners- Centenary Cup
  • Aug 2015
    Runner Up- Calcutta Cup
  • Jul 2015
    Runner Up-Georgiadi 7's Cup
  • Jul 2015
    All India Rugby 7's Senior Nationals
    Runner Up (Boys)- West Bengal (7 Players from Jungle Crows)
    Runner Up (Girls)- West Bengal (10 Players from Saraswatipur Leopards)
  • Jul 2015
    Bangalore 7's Tournament
    Plate Winners- Jungle Crows
  • Jun 2015
    Calcutta Tournament
    Winners- Jungle Crows (Women)
  • May 2015
    Maidan Rugby 7's Tournament
    Winners-Jungle Crows
    Runner Up- Maidan Hazards
  • May 2015
    2015 Asian Rugby Championship in Tashkent, Uzbekistan 27-30 May, 2015.
    India National Team
    Akash Balmiki- Jungle Crows
  • Mar 2015
    Feature article on RAF Spitfires magazine for Khelo Rugby
  • Mar 2015
    All India Rugby 7's Tournament
    Winners-Jungle Crows
  • Mar 2015
    Organized Corporate Touch Rugby tournament
  • Feb 2015
    National Games- Rugby 7's
    West Bengal (Women's) - Team comprised entirely of Jungle Crows and Saraswatipur Leopards players
  • Dec 2014
    Hosted 10 days Winter Camp with 370 children learning the sport of Rugby
  • Nov 2014
    All India U-19 Nationals (Boys)
    Runner Up- Jungle Crows
  • All India U-18 Nationals (Girls)
    Runner Up- Saraswatipur Leopards
  • Sep 2014
    Georgiadi 7's Tournament
    Winners-Jungle Crows
  • Sep 2014
    Calcutta U-17 Championship
    Winners-Jungle Crows
  • Sep 2014
    Centenary Cup
    Runner Up- Jungle Crows
  • Aug 2014
    All India Nationals Championship
    Plate Winners-Jungle Crows
  • Jul 2014
    Calcutta Cup
    Runner Up-Jungle Crows
  • Jul 2014
    All India U-20 Rugby 7's National Championship
    Winners-Jungle Crows
  • Jun 2014
    Calcutta International Rugby 7's
    Semi-Finalist- Jungle Crows
  • Apr 2014
    Howrah Rugby 7's Tournament
    Winners-Jungle Crows
    Plate Winners- Maidan Hazards
  • Mar 2014
    Organized Corporate Touch Rugby Tournament
  • Feb 2014
    All India School Rugby U16
    Tied in the final- Jungle Crows
  • Dec 2013
    Organized Winter Camp for 300 Children
  • Dec 2013
    Jungle Crows made it into the Rhino Rugby 2013/14 catalogue
  • Oct 2013 - Fourth place in All India played in Mumbai
  • Jun 2013
    Calcutta Rugby 7's Championship
    Winners-Jungle Crows
  • Feb 2013 – Jungle Crows win the Bengal State games 7s.
  • Sep 2012 - Women finish second in the National 7s.
  • Sep 2012 – Third place in All India played in Kolkata.
  • Jul 2012 – Jungle Crows win 4th Centenary Cup.
  • Nov 2011 – U16 Girls runners up in National 7s & U20 boys finish third in National 7s.
  • Oct 2011 – Win plate at National Men’s 7s.
  • Sep 2011 – Runners Up to the RAF Spitfires in Calcutta 7s.
  • Aug 2011 – Win our third Calcutta Cup.
  • Sep 2010 – Win All India Plate .
  • Aug 2010 – Win our second Calcutta Cup .
  • Jul 2010 – Centenary Cup Hatrick .
  • Jun 2010 – Women win the National 7s.
  • Mar 2010 – Women win the National 7s.
  • Oct 2009 – Women win the inaugural National 10s in New Delhi.
  • Jul 2009 – Win our second Centenary Cup with a 24-18 win over Future Hope.
  • Jun 2009 – Jungle Crows U20s runners up in National 15s.
  • May 2009 – Our new Women’s team finish as runners up in India first Women’s National 7s.
  • Apr 2009 – Hazards play in Callaghan Cup and finish 3rd.
  • Jan 2009 – Bronze at the Bengal State Games 7s and the Maidan Hazards are launched.
  • Aug 2008 – Win the Calcutta Cup!
  • Jul 2008 – Win Kolkata’s Centeneray Cup!
  • Jun 2008 – Crows U20s are Runners Up in Nationals in Mumbai....getting closer!
  • Feb 2008 – Runners Up in the National Divn II Men’s 15 Callaghan Cup Tournament and qualify for All India.
  • 16 Sep 2006 – India’s first Corporate Touch Rugby Tourney organised by the Crows and won by BOC.
  • 20 Aug 2006 – Jungle Crows win their first tournament, the U13s in the Kolkata Monsoon Cup...HOORAY!!
  • 12 Feb 2006 – The Jungle Crows (statistically at least!!) become the best 7s team in Kolkata by reaching the Plate Semi Final of the All India 7s in Chennai. Zaffar Khan was our top scorer and Roshan Xaxa named Crow of the Tour!
  • Nov 2005 – Tudu wins the Crows first National Cap as he plays for India U19s on tour to Pakistan
  • 30 Jul 2005 – The Jungle Crows win their first senior Men’s 15-a-side game ever, 8-7 v LMOB
  • 30 Jul 2005 – The Jungle Crows win their first senior Men’s 15-a-side game ever, 8-7 v LMOB
latest news
Final day of the Jungle Crows Winter Camp in Kolkata, 10 mornings with more than 200 children each morning.
Winter Camp Tournament played out on Maidan.
Jan Intensive coaching week starts in Dumka with 8 schools signed up to Khelo Rugby.
Khelo Rugby launches in Dumka, Jharkhand with 8 schools playing .
Khelo Rugby India and Pakistan recognised for participation in Global Peace Games.

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